Clients serious about addressing their thinning hair issues are best served by employing a 3-part integrated strategy guided by a True Solutions expert for optimum results.

To start, you’ll enjoy handcrafted haircuts so that you look your best and True Solutions Scalp Treatments to cleanse and exfoliate your scalp, nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp, and provide nutrients to combat aging and hair loss.

A full assessment with hair density and scalp condition scope is the next part of the True Solutions program. From there, an evaluation of your personal hair thinning situation will be provided and explained to you. The assessment also includes an evaluation of your thinning pattern based on the Norwood Scale of hair loss patterns.

True Solutions ongoing program includes a portfolio of products and services to address the full spectrum of thinning hair concerns. Each solution used in combination makes the other more effective than using any one solution alone.

Our team will also provide follow-up evaluations over a full 12 months to help you get the optimum results from the program.

Our expert True Solutionists and Stylists are highly trained in their craft. The experience is confidential and privacy is held in high regard.

True Solutions Assessment Includes:

  • Consultation with a True Solutionist

  • Scope Analysis of Scalp and Hair

  • True Solutions Scalp Treatment

  • 20 Minute Theradome Treatment


*Prices Vary Based on Location.
*The values of the TS Assessment will go towards a purchase of the Theradome or any TS Package.
*Scope Analysis includes an in-depth scope for Hair loss, Scalp, Thickness, Density, Redness, Keratin, Pore and Cuticle. Product solutions recommendation based on results.  You will experience the clearest image quality with the x1 ~ x1000 magnification lenses and the most accurate analysis via the clearest image quality.

Find out where are you at with your hair loss based on the Norwood scale.


Fill out our short form and a True Solutionist will reach out shortly to schedule your assessment.